Jim, please cancel my $500 electricity bill

Member: John Smith
ACstant: Jim

Info: Mr. Smith lives in London. He is a talented banker and enjoys traveling to New York and Miami.

At 4:02 PM, Mr. Smith wrote:

Hi Jim,

I would like to test you on one thing i hate and i never find time to deal with : utilities bills.

We are chased by BRITISH GAS and maybe BRITISH ELEC ?
We didnt pay anything since we are at our new flat (5th of oct 2009)

Address is 2433 XXXX street.

Our meter readings were as follow when we entered the property :
Electr: 27440 & Gas: 16084.

The scan attached is the chasing letter named at the previous tenant.
I am sure the full bill is not for us to pay, there may likely be part of it chargeable before 5th of oct 09.

Please can you contact BRITISH GAS and BRITISH ELECTRICITY or the relevant electricity provider and sort all this out.

I will give you all you need, credit card details etc to pay once sorted out.
Should u need anything pls feel free to ask i will respond asap.

let see how it goes


At 4:05 PM, his ACstant wrote:

Mr. Smith,

Consider it done.
I’ll keep you posted.


At 4:52 PM, his ACstant wrote:

Mr. Smith,

Your disconnection notice and £333.12 bill have been cancelled.

I spoke with British gas and explained the situation to a couple of representatives. They understood I called on your behalf as your Executive Assistant and agreed to look into the problem.
The issue was that they did not know Mrs. Newman moved out.

Besides, I provided them with:
1. You name / contact info
2. The date you moved in
3. The gas Meter readings as of the day you moved in

You will receive a welcome letter from British gas within 2 weeks.
Your British Gas reference number is XX-XXXX-XX. The Customer reference number on the notice is not yours.

Besides, they asked for your Meter Serial Number (probably on a sticker on the Box), I obviously did not have it. You can provide it to them at 0800 048 0202 / 44 113 298 0900 or let me know what it is and I’ll do it on your behalf.

They will send you a new bill for your Gas consumption since Oct, 5th 2009.


At 6:43 PM, Mr. Smith wrote:

I will provide you asap with the meter serial #

Can you also contact British Electricity and check with them if there is an outstanding bill at all ?


At 6:48 PM, his ACstant wrote:

Mr. Smith,

Of course, I will take care of it first thing tomorrow morning, when their office opens.
Have a good evening Sir.


The next day, at 11:59 PM, Mr. Smith wrote:

XX XXXX XXXX XXX is the cell phone number of my porter at 2433 XXXX street

please can you call him on my behalf (John Smith, flat 10, Amara Apartments, 2433 XXXX street) and ask him for Meter Serial Number for GAS and ELECTRICITY ?


At 12:03 PM, his ACstant wrote:

Mr. Smith,

I will do so.
I’ll keep you posted.


At 12:07 PM, Mr. Smith wrote:

btw you can call me John ;)

At 3:16 PM, his ACstant wrote:


You are all set.

Your porter was kind enough to provide me with the Meter Serial Number (FYI: #K982XXXX) which I provided to my contact at British Energy to locate your property on the national database.
Result: Your electricity provider is EDF Energy.

Of course, I called EDF to update your info.
They did not want to grant me with the authorization to access your account, until I spoke with a manager and explained him I’m in charge of it as your Executive Assistant. They even insisted that I called you to confirm the name of your building - which I guess is XXXX.

Long story short, I managed to take care of it all on your behalf.
Result: You info was updated successfully!

Note: According to their data, the meter readings from Oct 5th is: 27 321. (You had: 27 440).



At 10:16 PM, Mr. Smith wrote:


Did you ask the porter for the meter serial number of British Gas as well? Or is it the same for Gas and Elec ?


At 10:19 PM, his ACstant wrote:


I didn’t ask him for the Gas Meter Serial Number.
My contact at British Gas was able to associate your address and flat number with the corresponding Gas Meter through their database and recent history of former tenants. So, no need for the Gas meter serial number.


At 10:26 PM, Mr. [redacted-Member-name] wrote:


Thank you SO much, awesome job.