1. "I have an interview in 30 mins with [ XXredactedXX ] from..., pls tell me all you can about him! I'm in the waiting room ..."

>> We sent a summary of [ XXredactedXX ]'s 50 page PDF presentation that we managed access to . [ Read Transcript ]

>> Member got the job and $40,000 bonus.

2. "I'm on a date.. she talked quickly about [ XXredactedXX ], what the heck is this ?!! helpp :) thx"

>> We sent the info along with relevant pictures. She was actually talking about a place in Spain.

>> Member leveraged this knowledge to his advantage and appeared very smart. Now a happy couple!

3. "I'm going on a week end to [ XXredactedXX ], what are some cool things to do there? thx"

>> We sent a mini travel guide with activities, restaurants, maps, pictures. [ Read Smilar Transcript ]

>> Member had a great experience.

4. "I've received my phone bill: $800 roaming charges!! Please call them, I was not using my blackberry, it's impossible! thx  "

>> We called the phone company and negotiated for 45 minutes with a few representatives. [ Read Smilar Transcript ]

>> Member got a $800 refund!

5. "Can you advise me a good doctor near where I live? My insurance plan is [ XXredactedXX ], thx "

>> We sent a few choices (photo, bio etc) along with reviews from recent patients.

>> Member is on the top of his form!

6. "Can you call the tennis club and move my booking to 8pm? (I'm stuck in the conf room..) Change to indoor plz thx! "

>> We called and secured the member's Tennis course.

>> Member won the game that day!